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Marsh and Wetlands area in Mitchell County, Iowa

County Auditor

Mitchell County Auditor: Rachel Foster
(641) 832-3946 ext. 101EMAIL

Raina Roll – Accounts Payable Clerk, (641) 832-3946 ext. 102
Lindsay Uhlenhopp – Payroll Clerk, (641) 832-3946 ext. 120

Surveyor questions can be emailed to


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Responsibilities of the County Auditor
The County Auditor position is an elected position.  Auditors are elected to 4-year terms and run on the ballot during Presidential Elections.

The main functions of the Auditor’s Office are:

  • Preparing and certifying tax levies
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Clerk to the Board of Supervisors
  • Commissioner of Elections
  • Keeping Real Estate Transfer Records
  • Passport Acceptance Agency
  • Provide Notary Public Services