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Marsh and Wetlands area in Mitchell County, Iowa

Clerk of Court

Mitchell County Clerk of Court: Stacey Oleson

Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm
Location: 212 S. 5th St., Osage, IA 50461 | MAP

Phone: (641) 732 3726
Fax: (641) 732-3728

Mitchell County Clerk of Court Office has Probate Records from 1851 and Court Records from 1854.

In each of Iowa’s 99 counties, a clerk of district court office manages and maintains all trial court records, including pleadings, evidence and orders. The clerks of court have hundreds of administrative duties. They accept and process fines, fees and court costs owed to the state, child support checks, and civil judgments owed to litigants. They maintain a record of liens on all real estate in the county. Clerks help with involuntary hospitalization cases. They have the authority to dispose of scheduled violations which are not contested and do not require a court hearing. Clerks are also responsible for informing state and local government agencies of court orders.

The Iowa district court has general jurisdiction of all civil, criminal and juvenile cases and probate matters in the state. The district court, which is also known as the trial court, is the point of entry in the court system for most cases. The Iowa district court is composed of different kinds of judicial officers with varying amounts of jurisdiction-judicial magistrates, associate juvenile judges, associate probate judges, district associate judges, and district court judges.


Where do I go for my court appearance?  Clerk of Court office