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Mitchell County Polling Locations (2020)

(If you are unsure of which district/ precinct you are in, call the Auditor’s Office at (641)-832-3946)

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Polling Location: Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

    Precinct 1:

Osage Ward 1

    Precinct 12:

Orchard City

Precinct 12 Osage Township

Precinct 12 West Lincoln Township

Polling Location: Osage Public Library

    Precinct 2:

Osage Ward 2

Polling Location: Mitchell County Courthouse

    Precinct 3:

Osage Ward 3

    Precinct 10:

Mitchell City

Precinct 10 Cedar Township

Precinct 10 Mitchell Township

   Precinct 11:

Precinct 11 Cedar Township

Precinct 11 Osage Township

Polling Location: Osage City Hall

    Precinct 4:

Osage Ward 4

Polling Location: Riceville City Hall

     Precinct 5:

Precinct 5 Burr Oak Township

Precinct 5 Douglas Township

Precinct 5 East Lincoln Township

Precinct 5 West Lincoln Township

    Precinct 6:

Precinct 6 Jenkins Township

Precinct 6 Liberty Township

Precinct 6 Wayne Township

Riceville City

Polling Location: Stacyville Public Library

    Precinct 7:

Precinct 7 Liberty Township

Precinct 7 Stacyville Township

Precinct 7 Union Township

Stacyville City

Polling Location: South Square

   Precinct 8:

Carpenter City

Precinct 8 Newburg Township

Precinct 8 Otranto Township

Precinct 8 Rock Township

   Precinct 9:

Precinct 9 Mitchell Township

Precinct 9 St Ansgar Township

St. Ansgar City