Mitchell County Recorder’s Office: Pat Skuster, Recorder, (641) 832-3941 ext. 107,

Staff: Dawn Lackore ext. 108,

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: Mitchell County Courthouse, 212 S. 5TH ST.,Osage, IA 50461-1908

Phone: (641)832-3941


The Recorder’s Office was created in 1839 by the First Legislative Assembly. The Recorder continues to maintain official records of documents affecting title to real estate. Every real estate transaction that takes place begins in the Recorder’s Office. One of the major duties of the office is the management of public records. As a result, accuracy and preservation of records are a must in the Recorder’s Office. Instruments that are recorded are not only important for today, but serve as a historical library for all of the tomorrows.

In addition to real estate transactions, the Recorder’s Office issues titles and liens; records veterans discharge papers; takes passport pictures; accepts marriage applications and issues the subsequent license; issues certified copies of birth, death and marriage records as well as other numerous duties.

  • Birth Records from 1880
  • Death Records from 1880
  • Marriage Records from 1855
  • Land Records from 1854 — beginning of the county
  • Probate Records from 1854 — beginning of the county — located in vault
  • Court Records from 1854 — beginning of the county — located in vault, on a card file system

Additional Resources – source for information about recorded real estate documents in Iowa.

Click the headers below for more details about Boats, Snowmobiles, & ATVs, Hunting & Fishing Licenses, Military Discharges, Real Estate & Vital Records

  • Boats, Snowmobiles & ATVs
  • Hunting & Fishing Licenses
  • Military Discharges
  • Real Estate
  • Vital Records
  • Boats, Snowmobiles & ATVs

    Boat Registrations

    View or download the Boat Application (PDF), to be used for new boats, renewals, and transfers and duplications of registration, titles, and liens.

    Type Length First Year Second Year Third Year
    No Motor – No Sail N/A $16.90 $12.90 $8.90
    Motor Sail Less than 16 feet $27.40 $19.90 $12.40
    Motor Sail Between 16 and 26 feet $40.90 $28.90 $16.90
    Motor Sail Between 26 and 40 feet $79.90 $54.90 $29.90
    Motor Sail More than 40 feet $154.90 $104.90 $54.90
    All Personal Watercraft N/A $49.90 $34.90 $19.90
    Documented Vessels N/A $29.90 $21.50 $13.20

    Please note: Second- and third-year columns are only for new boats. For renewal fees, use the first-year column. If the registration is already expired, there is a $5 penalty added to the renewal fee.


    There is a transfer fee of $3.75 and a duplicate fee of $3.75.

    Boat Titles

    Boat titles are $12.75 each plus $12.75 with a lien. Transfers can be made with a signed and dated Bill of Sale and signed registration and Title (if applicable).

    Snowmobile & ATV Registrations

    The annual registration fee is $17.75 between January 1 and December 31 of every year. There is a duplicate fee of $7.75. Transfers can be made with a signed and dated bill of sale and signed title certificate.

    Owners will be charged a $5 penalty for sleds and ATVs not transferred within 30 days from purchase date

    Snowmobile & ATV Titles

    The title fee without a lien is $11.50, and the title fee with a lien is $23.

  • Hunting & Fishing Licenses

    License Type Iowa Resident Fee Nonresident Fee
    Fishing $22.00 $48.00
    Seven-Day Fishing $15.50 $32.00
    Three-Day Fishing N/A $17.50
    One-Day Fishing $10.50 $10.50
    Lifetime Fishing $61.50 N/A
    Trout $14.50 $17.50
    Hunting (Under 18) $19.00 $32.00
    Hunting (18 and Over) $22.00 $144.00
    Hunt Habitat $15.00 N/A
    Lifetime Hunting $61.50 N/A
    Duck (Migratory Bird) $11.50 $11.50
    Fur Harvester (Under 16) $7.50 $247.00
    Fur Harvester (16 and Over) $26.00 $247.00
  • Military Discharges

    Copies of military discharges are free of charge.

    Fill out the Military Discharge Application.

  • Real Estate


    Fee Type Cost
    Certification $5
    Copies (per page) $0.50
    Deed (per parcel) $5
    Iowa Real Estate Revenue Tax Calculations
    (per thousand dollars; first $500 is exempt)
    Recording ($5 per additional page) $7

    Revenue Tax is $1.60 per thousand (round down to nearest $500 then take that amount times $.0016)

  • Vital Records

    Marriage Records

    Certified copies of marriage certificates are available. Each certified copy is $15. Certified copies are available only to those with entitlement. To receive a copy, you must prove your relationship.

    Request a Marriage Record (PDF)

    Marriage Applications

    To apply for a marriage license, both parties and a witness (18 or older and knows both parties) must sign application before notary. There is a $35 fee, a three day wait (not counting the day of application – see Marriage Application Instructions (PDF)). and the marriage can take place anywhere in Iowa. A three day waiver can be applied for at the Clerk of Court’s Office, where an additional $5 is required at the time of application.

    For a current application for marriage and marriage instructions, email us.

    Divorce Records

    Divorce records are available through the Clerk of Court’s Office located at 51 3rd Avenue Bridge, Cedar Rapids.

    Birth Records

    Birth Records are available for years 1880 to 1920 and 1942 to current. The records for the years 1921 to 1941 are kept at the Iowa Department of Public Health, in the vital records section. Births to unwed mothers prior to July 1, 1995 are only available at the Iowa Department of Public Health.

    Certified copies are available for $15 each, and are only available to those with entitlement.

    Individuals with entitlement are:

    • Person named on record (if 18 or older)
    • Mother or father (if named on record)
    • Spouse
    • Brother or sister (must show proof of entitlement)
    • Maternal grandparents
    • Paternal grandparents (if father is named on record).

    Please note: All applications must be notarized and be accompanied by a state-issued I.D.

    Request a Birth Record (PDF)

    Death Records

    Death records are available except for years 1921 to 1941. The records for the years 1921 to 1941 are kept at the Iowa Department of Public Health. Certified copies are available for $15 each.

    Request a Death Record (PDF)